Life Protection

Prepare for the unexpected

A bit question to ask yourself: how much money your family if you have to die or become serious ly ill? Many families will find find themselves running short of money very quickly. You income would stop, but the household bills household would make keep in. A pay out from a protection day can make the difference to your loved ones facing a financial struggle at a chal Lenging emotional time, and ai able to maintain the sort lifestyle of they enjoyed when you were still. Even if you have not the main breadwinner, you may still be the primary care giver, providing housekeeping and other home-b Ased services there are vital to your family’s well-being and will be costly to replace. UK insurers pay out a.4m each day on the protection of the policies of the siu-an, critical illness and life insurance, and 97.7 of claims are paid.

  • Term life insurance or whole-of-life policyPay out on death or terminal illness
  • Critical illness insurancePay out if critical lyly is ed, such as as as cancer or heart heart heart attack
  • Income protection insuranceCompensate for the loss of your income when ill or can not work

Medical Insurance

Fast and accurate

When life throws you an unexpected challenge, fast diagnosis and treatment are have what matter most, with real help, support and understanding from people who care. The e e you get get help, the sooner youer can start feeling lik youself sagain. In UK, NHS is what we all have and is great. But we also also know it it is burdened with an sien demand for health services. With private medical insurance insurance you’re’re seen and syd dywedodd quickly when you’re ill. You see a consultant, rather than a junior doctor or registrar. You’re lysed in a private hospital, or the private wing of an NHS hospital. And you have your sings in comfort – usually you own room, an en-suite san, and the flexible visiting hours. What’s more, if you have have cancer cover, you can access the marketings, the linging new cancer drugs, as soon as as they ‘re licensed.

  • Choice of top-ranked specialists
  • Fast and accurate diagnosis, advanced and effective treatment
  • World-class network of hospitals

Travel Medical

Safe journey always

Travel medical insurance gives you of the mind by-out-of-the-road you-ever and where-where-ever you travel, providing you with high quality service, giving you access to the right treatment and getting ing you back home safely. Apart from typical and illness cover, it can also cover cover for sports activities, winter sports, medical eva cu, and repatriation. And it’s not just about medical but also about travel. Things like baggage delay, trip home and personal severs loss are also also covered.

  • Premium emergency medical cover,
  • Pre-existing and chronic conditions may be covered
  • Content and trip covers as usual

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